KCB Golf Par 3

8th Street, Key Colony Beach
Open to the Public from 7:30 a.m. to Dusk
Golf Course (9 hole par) fees:
$13.00 per 9 holes ($8.00 for each additional 9)
$3 Club Rental
$2 Pull Carts

Annual Pass for Green Fees:
$430 First Family Member
$325 Each Additional Adult Family Member
$150 Each Child under the age of 18

Children's Playgrounds

Both of our playgrounds offer an array of equipment including but not limited to the following: sliding boards, swings, merry-go-round, tetherball, dome gym climber, swinging bridge, see-saws and spring hobby horses. Both areas offer shaded areas and tiki huts for picnicing, etc.



Visit Sunset Park on the corner of West Ocean & 12th Street, East Side Park on 8th Street and our New Waterfront Park by City Hall & the Post Office. These are open areas for passive activities. If you would like to hold a function or gathering at either, please inquire with City Hall.

Walking & Jogging Courses

Throughout the city are designated pedestrian areas. Three master courses are .4, .5 and .8 with a course board located in front of City Hall marking the courses along the Causeway, East Ocean and West Ocean Drives. Click here to view the courses on the map (color coded) The city walking paths along Sadowski Causeway, East Ocean and West Ocean Drives are also enjoyed by walkers, joggers, and bicyclers alike. The following rules of etiquette are offered as a reminder. When a biker overtakes a walker on the path used by both, it is imperative that he warn the walker that he is passing. He can ring a bell, use a horn, or say, “biker passing on left (or right)”. The walker, thus alerted, can move safely out of the biker’s path and possibly prevent a serious accident. We have added trash recepticals along the Causeway, please keep our City clean and put trash in its place!

Recreation Activities & Contacts

Exercise Classes

Pilates- Contact Marianne Biffel @ 610-633-3919

Contact Numbers

Par 3 Golf Course & Leagues – Contact Daryl Rice at 305-289-9859 for details.
Pickleball Clinic – Contact Mike Alexander at 305-393-4538
Shuffleboard – Open to the public and equipment is available
Tennis Leagues – Co-ed Round Robin League – Contact Sally Flagg 305-743-2073
Private Tennis Lessons by appointment – Contact Nicole Berger 305-395-1035
**The courts are lighted for night use**

Please remember: Equipment is provided for the public to borrow. We strongly rely on the honor system, so please take good care and do not forget to return them directly after use. The equipment shed is located in between the two public works buildings at 460 8th St.